Spiderman 3 - Super cool action game for PC

Posted by Đào Duy Huy on Saturday, February 1, 2014

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Download Far Cry 3 - 2012 Action Blockbuster Game

Posted by Đào Duy Huy on Monday, November 4, 2013

No longer the fiery landscape of Africa, the dry color yellow fire in Far Cry 2 which is the vast lush green meadows, forests and the sea, the cool air in a rich tropical island in the South Pacific Ocean - Island ROCK. However, unlike the peace of the scene, hiding under the guise of peace is a completely different world, where the ground forces and the law of the jungle throne was placed on both beasts and humans living on this island.
download far cry 3 reloaded full miễn phí

You experience Far Cry 3 Brody in the role of Jason - a guy coming lush island ROCK in the same great travel our friends - however not nice things like that , you are in the hands of barbarian pirates - and then Vaas - including bringing crazy villain of the game appeared .... and your opponent this time was actually unmasked - A rebel flood danger to the " madness " and equipped to the teeth .
On this crazy island , most everything from nature to humans are the enemy of Jason Brody , but knows how to make you a man is not alone , take advantage of their ability to create construction is the main ally with some of your enemies . Nature provides a wide variety of materials to help Jason improve equipment , manufacturing of drugs is useful and sometimes the force of nature - ie the kind of beast - to fight the pirates . Meanwhile , ethnic Rakyat is reliable ally of Jason when they helped the guy guarding the outpost ( Outpost ) was captured , and can also assist when fighting Jason . Even pirates can also become temporary allies , such as when you 're being chased by predators .

A pretty good point of that little game Far Cry 3 could be portrayed , it was night and day cycle - This factor also affects the gameplay somewhat , when the predators - permanent nightmare of you - have appeared more frequently at night and so players need to be more careful when moving , however, gamers can minimize the risks facing the beasts using the transportation randomly appear in the game .
During the game , you will witness the molting of Jason Brody on this harsh island . From a shy guy and honest , Jason became a real Rambo with his agility , merciless and effective in their daily lives that do not teach us . You will witness the main character defeating a series of opponents by the swoop phase , zoom down targets ranging from tens of meters away , pulled the grenade pin the enemy and push him into the enemy crowd . Your moods will gradually change as the protagonist , from cautious and shy initially become more aggressive and violent , ready to " slaughter " anyone who dared by the way you know make sure you afford to do that.
 download far cry 3 reloaded full miễn phí 
 Far Cry 3 brings players a liberal play most any other game can not bring you . In addition to direct attacks or gunfire , Far Cry lets you unleash the creative promote - Feel free to follow what you think . Many times you will discover interesting things that I had never thought of before, or has not been done in any other shooter games . These include such things as the base gently " sweep " a barracks with only a bow in his hand , burning a few forests to hunt wolves , or throwing motolov into a house . In particular , more subtle , you can do one thing rather than sliding crazy bear , wolf or tiger into the crowd ... enemies - Defeat all the squad car driver gunned down by soldiers sit and look somersault on the truck , throwing C4 into a shark , bear hunting in RPG , all the things that you rarely do in the game let alone in real life ... - in short , do not hesitate to try any weird ideas , which ironically you can think of Far Cry 3 .
There is simply killing - There are many things that you do in Far Cry 3 . From antiques hunts , looking for the missing letters of the Japanese soldiers , collection of memory cards ( memory card) of the pirates , hunting equipment to fabricate , unlock the radio tower and a few swift flight glide over breathtaking hang glider ( hang glider ) or Wingsuit ... We can say that Far Cry 3 is a collection of a lot of fun and creative things you've never known before .
 download far cry 3 reloaded full miễn phí 
In particular, support Far Cry 3 co-op mode for up to 4 players can participate in a new adventure on the island of Rook with their own storyline and cleverly integrated into the context of the game.
Since the first release , Far Cry was known as a series of graphic peak , and Far Cry 3 players also do not disappoint . Game takes players into the context of Rook Island is full of beautiful scenery that you can enjoy , including golden sand , warm sun , blue sea , lush green meadows and dense forests . Of course to be assured of enjoying this scene , you need to get rid of things " offensive " around , but make sure the effort is totally worth it.
The weapons in the game are quite diverse and bring feeling pretty good , and gamers can also "custom " them with a few types of components such as silencer , ammunition , viewfinder to suit your playing themselves . Arrays are also adequate sound quality of the images and gameplay , as you can hear the animals in the forest , insects or night chime in pirates chatting when idle . Nuances voice of the character also varies by type of characters , stages , while still a shy person until solid and the voice of a people to self-sufficiency among the most difficult circumstances .
As a final blockbuster game of 2012 , Far Cry 3 did not disappoint the fans bring a quality game , almost flawless in every aspect . Ubisoft had a right step to have distilled the essence of what most of the first two versions and create a worthy successor . An open world does not have the disadvantages of Far Cry 2 and take full advantage of Far Cry 1 , this is the great choice for gamers immersed in an adventure .

Download Far Cry 3 Reloaded

(Read the installation instructions carefully to avoid the unfortunate error - Can see common mistakes at the end of this post to manually fix the error when installing simple

     Unzip the downloaded file (for RAR compressed files)
     Mount ISO file (you can read: Guide to mount virtual disks created using Ultra ISO)
     Install the game - Copy the file cr ** k SKIDROW folder to your game installation folder (Copy override - Over Write)
     Open the game and started exploring it!

If you love the game and have just bought the game from the conditions of release so that they can create great new game version better ones!)

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Samurai II Vengeance PC Game - adventure action and mild

Posted by Đào Duy Huy on Friday, October 11, 2013

Samurai II Vengeance - It's hard to believe a game is super small size (When download is only 20MB and is 80MB when unpacked) which could own a shimmering background graphics combined with engaging content like this. Never Samurai proud of gas to be expressed in such a great action adventure game. Let Share99.net learn about this game offline!


Samurai II Vengeance - Game hành động nhẹ mà hay cho PC 

About the game:

Plot: Exploiting image Samurai hero with the same lofty temperament sharp sword in Japanese history - players will be playing Daisuke - a samurai in her talent but deep feud with warlords Orochi - A brutal guys have always spread oppression and pain for so many innocent people. Does Daisuke has completed its mission to destroy Orochi or merely flashed a torch and went out? All you decide to do - and the future lives of the people is in your hands. His mission fighter, alone entered the territory, despite many dangers await ...


The plot of the Samurai 2: Vengeance PC version is divided into different sections which will correspond to a task with a specific goal that you need to complete. The gameplay is incredibly diverse - Players will experience scenes from the old fishing village until the Japanese bombers or Die island that only in legend ... The danger always stalking and any of your mistakes will cost you to get the most catastrophic outcomes.

 Samurai II Vengeance - Game phiêu lưu hành động nhẹ mà hay cho PC 

Main opponent that you need to overcome to be able to go on is the name Samurai - The " gut disciple " of the Orochi . They will in turn appear during the journey to prevent your step and increasingly aggressive and " tough " than . In the Samurai 2 : Vengeance PC , a special where you can easily see that the enemy has always respected the spirit of Bushido . Although we always appears with a large number to intimidate you . However, we will take turns to face you rather not work on the "committee " like the other games . Gameplay of the game is quite simple ( As adapted from a game on a mobile ) is to deal with a crowd Samurai , you do not need to navigate the complex just to attack the character of your own select a target for the " handle " without knowing you are in need of any type character - of course you can still modify the direction of the attack when the enemy in all 4 directions . This makes the game becomes a lot easier and more entertaining is stressful to win .

Not only action-adventure elements are unique, immersive gameplay is compelling RGP cleverly mixed into the game mix. He will have Daisuke our health indicators and combos, skill Assist. You can upgrade all indicators, the attack on the higher level to be able to cope with the increasingly dangerous enemies are lurking in the front ...

 A pretty mode or manufacturers put Samurai 2: Vengeance - It's Survival. In this mode, players will be thrust into a life and death arena is pretty small area. There is not any end or through any screen, turn the samurai will appear with the task of "meat" you - Fight hard until no longer "blood" does. Create as many combos and hit, to kill as many enemies, the score for you as much. It would be much more fun if you have friends to play against each other for the right screen!

Graphics of the Samurai 2 : Vengeance is really great . Despite including all parts with extremely light volume . The spectacle of the game will bring a bold style of Japanese Manga , quite brilliant and incredibly charismatic . However, a small minus point is the operation of the game is still somewhat stiff , creating a rich sense of something , especially in the combat phase - of course not asking too much from a game that the MB is measured by tens like . Moreover, the audio portion of the game was really good shows . The soundtrack dark tinted Japanese culture is interwoven into the game makes the player really feel extremely excited and have more "feel " of the unequal struggle and feel the pride and gas lines Samurai are actually blood surge through his veins . In particular , the scene in the game gradually opens up to players to know about the legend of the samurai with the hand painted work is stunning .
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, and XP
  • CPU: Pentium 3 – 800MHz or better
  • DirectX Version: 9.0c or above
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Video Card RAM: 64MB
( wait 5 sec then click SkipAd )
Password to extract: www.share99.net 
Installation Instructions:
  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Click setup.bat to extract the game files.
  • Click Samurai II.exe file, open the game and started exploring it!
(Source: Share99.net )


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Skullgirls - Game compelling countervailing 2013 for PC

Posted by Đào Duy Huy on Sunday, September 29, 2013

Not as lucky gamers on consoles, PC gamers rarely enjoy fighting games on the current level as the PS3, Xbox ... However, in the near future here, the manufacturers seem to have noticed that the PC gaming market is a game of turn affirmed've landed on PC as Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition and most recently Skullgirls.

 Game officially launches world's gaming community in 2011 on Xbox LIVE Arcade, but not until the end of 2013, the PC gaming community have the opportunity to experience fighting games this is quite well known. Skullgirls - the name is a pun of the word "girls" - Schoolgirls - Talk about fierce battles between the intransigent and girls in comics.
Skullgirls - Game official opposition landed on PC
 About Skullgirls gameplay, the game's strengths is the fullest here. You will be really impressed with a series of attacks that are launched continuously characters to create dizzying display attractive football and most intense ... The game has a system of extremely diverse characters in which each possess a character of its own promotion system, and are shown to be very unique, like no one else. The only common feature between the characters as the battle takes place with a very high rate, and ignore any moment "break" or lose your concentration will lead to blood tubes were downgraded both lead to Retry!
 As for the graphics, but do not use technologies such as 3D flowery path of most resistance is this game. However, manufacturers also really successful when using drawings, 2D images with slightly animated comic / Japanese pretty clear (to the eye and looks a bit childish). Create characters very strongly impress gamers. At the same time, manufacturers are also meticulous when portraying the characters move pretty smoothly, and be "reinforced" by themselves through colorful impressive!

 Download Skullgirls - Game đối kháng hấp dẫn 2013 dành cho PC 

Skullgirls will actually be a fighting game is highly entertaining but you should not ignore. Let Share99.net download and experience the latest fighting games on the PC you okay!
     OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
     Processor: Dual-core CPU
     Memory: 2 GB RAM
     Graphics: Intel HD3000
     DirectX: Version 9.0c
     Network: Broadband Internet connection
     Hard Drive: 2 GB of available space

Download Skull Girl Full ISO

Installation Instructions:

-Extract the downloaded files with password www.share99.net .
-Mount ISO file (you can read: Guide to mount virtual disks created using Ultra ISO).
-Install the game - Copy the file cr ** k SKIDROW folder to your game installation folder (Copy override - Over Write).
-Open the game and started exploring it!

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Download game Castle of Illusion 2013 (Mickey Mouse) - Game 2013

Posted by Đào Duy Huy on Friday, September 27, 2013

Mickey - One of the famous mouse in the world and is a symbol of the immortality of the cartoon industry. Pictures of Mickey Mouse is constantly on the exploitation film products and reap a lot of success. However, if you talk to Mickey, the game world is not really Mickey "essential use". Just can count on one hand the number of games like Kingdom Hearts and Epic Mickey recently.

 And most recently, Mickey Mouse image publishers SEGA was replayed in the game called Castle of Illusion Mickey. Image incredibly beautiful 3D graphics and gameplay bring the familiar - frame with the original 2D games on platforms such as Mario 4 button - Castle of Illusion will definitely attract your soul from the first experience.
 Back to childhood with Mickey Mouse through the game Castle of Illusion:
 PlotA familiar story of the adventure game that is " hero save beauties " - Eternal Thread that game makers are exploited and have never proved very hot . Minnie , the beautiful girlfriend of Mickey guy with dark witch Mizrabel - Lord of Illusion Castle - kidnapping with nefarious plot . Worried about his girlfriend , despite his dangerous influence - Mickey has found to his castle , unaware that Minnie is " prey " for example, the real object is Mickey . He will be how to deal with the malicious attacks of the game this guy witch and save his girlfriend - all will have as you decide !
GameplayThe gameplay is not much different from the 2D version of the classic Sega Genesis , you will discover psychedelic castle with countless rooms , the stairs sucking deep hun , solve puzzles grapes small , overcome obstacles and enemies to advance to the final objective is to defeat Mizrabel and rescue Minnie .

GraphicsCastle of Illusion 2013 owns a 3D graphics incredibly beautiful and brilliant . Images are Meticulous care and extremely thorough - Mickey Images are reproduced quite vivid and smooth - Combined with a screen playing scenes quite detailed and diverse with many layers and depth , all both are recreated with full lighting effects , shadows , antialiasing ... and covered with a fanciful fairy colors exactly as the name of the game . Your first comment will probably be the same as if you were enjoying an animated film that Walt Disney !
Some in game photos:
 Download game Castle of Illusion 2013 ( Mickey mouse ) - Game hay 2013 
 The end game images of 2D game Castle of Illusion older versions - There are big differences compared with the 3D
Download game Castle of Illusion 2013 ( Mickey mouse ) - Game hay 2013Download game Castle of Illusion 2013 ( Mickey mouse ) - Game hay 2013
An animation can be built the incredibly colorful and beautiful
If you've been waiting to be enthralled Mickey Mouse image on television, the Castle of Illusion is a game that you should not ignore. Let Share99.net download games and experience the emotions of childhood offline!
Minimum System Requirements:
 OS: Windows Vista SP2 + / 7
  •      Processor: Dual Core 2.8 GHz (minimum)
  •      Memory: 2 GB RAM
  •      Graphics: ATI 2600/Nvidia 8600 (minimum)
  •      DirectX: Version 11
  •      Hard Drive: 10 GB of available space
 Installation Instructions:
  • Unzip the downloaded file
         Mount ISO file (you can read: Guide to mount virtual disks created using Ultra ISO)
         Install the game - Copy the file cr ** k SKIDROW folder to your game installation folder (Copy override - Over Write)
         Open the game and started exploring it!
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Zack Zero - RELOADED 3D-action game for the PC in 2013

Posted by Đào Duy Huy on Sunday, September 1, 2013

Zack Zero - A new game for Bangladesh in 2013 you here. Zack Zero is the 3D game action adventure attractive with beautiful pictures. Definitely not a game, but despite the brilliant images and impressions from the game or the trailer will also be attracted to you. 


 Plot forever
  "The hero and save the" but is an old story, but never seemed outdated and the company is still great little game from operators to diversify the story in his game. Zack Zero is one of them. Game talks about the adventures of Zack Zero hero to rescue people he loved so much-Marlene devil Zulog capital being kidnapped and imprisoned. So Zack Zero would do that how? the result will be like? no one else, you yourself will be the answer to the question is still unresolved.

 Gameplay is simple but no less interesting
 The game will take you into a world of superpowers with Zack Zero-He owns the power of the natural elements: water, fire, earth stones. Each energy source that does not contain an internal potential skill comes with the incredibly beautiful and impressive.

We can say the game is a showcase of the power guy Zack, you can feel through the ingenuity jump shot to climb out in the jungle or on the volcanic cliffs of .., plus Zack also have the ability to switch between three different energy systems comes combo attack skill can be upgraded. Highest level at which the power of Zack reached a maximum of 20 levels. It is not necessary to reach the top, the attack can also make you fascinated for the spectacular nature and play.

 What your opponent is not mediocre. In these screens, they will always know how to get the number to "crush" quality. On one hand, you will be very hard to dodge attacks from opponents, on the other hand also tired to launch consecutive attacks to defeat them. There will be 20 types of opponents gradually appear in the game screen. Like other action game Zack Zero-In, at the end of each game screen, players will be faced with a formidable bosses representing the gate that you have conquered. Of course, the "dead carpet" will come if you lose focus and neglect when they face

 Game system design pitfalls and obstacles in the way monsters will really make you overwhelmed. Diversification of the terrain in the game Zack Zero gives new definition through each game screen.

Zack Zero is the dominant style action adventure, but to fight monsters along the way, then you have to use intelligence to solve the puzzles and the ability to skillfully control over these obstacles. Many challenges await. Product quality is full of bright tao.Dung wait anymore, you will not regret the missed opportunity to own a great game like this.

 Beautiful graphics:
 Zack Zero sprites are quite well done. 3D game world is made up of colorful images, together logically should create a good first impression for the player. Additionally, the character of Zack Zero to the boss monster or hand is also designed with a lot of style to the game becomes quite diverse and reducing boredom than other games of the same genre.

NOTE: Game is not too heavy (~ 1GB) but relatively high system requirements, be sure your computer can be played offline before the download!

Minimum System Requirements:

  •      OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  •      Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.0GHz or AMD equivalent
  •      Memory: 2 GB RAM
  •      Graphics: Nvidia 8600 GT 512 MB ​​Video Card or AMD equivalent
  •      DirectX ®: 9.0c
  •      Hard Drive: 4 GB HD space

Recommended Configuration

  •       OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8
  •       Processor: Any Quad-core Intel or AMD Processor
  •       Memory: 4 GB RAM
  •       Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 275 512MB Video Card or AMD equivalent
  •       DirectX ®: 9.0c
  •       Hard Drive: 4 GB HD space

Download Zack Zero Full - Reloaded 2013

Password unrar& Source: kactus

Installation Instructions

  •      Step 1. Unpack the game.
  •      Step 2. Burn or mount the ISO file to virtual drive (virtual drive Guide to install the game)
  •      Step 3. Install the game normally
  •      Step 4. Copy cr @ ck file from crack folder into the game installation directory
  •      Step 5. Done right, open the game and enjoy it!





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